FaitalPRO 10FE200-4 (10″ Pro Woofer) Review

FaitalPro 10FE200-4 Review

This is the first time I’m working on a FaitalPro woofer. The reason I bought this woofer is to see how suitable it is for a basic 2-way in pro use. I’m concerned primarily in vocal reproduction like in a church or a live band.

Fig 1 – Faital Pro 10FE200-4 Frequency Response

I mounted the 10FE200-4 in one of my test boxes. It is a vented box of 53 liters. Baffle width is 14-1/2″. Fig 1 is the resulting frequency response. I am encouraged by it. The region above 1kHz is similar to the manufacturer’s plot. It extends to 4kHz before dying off rapidly. But it’s not simply the extension but the linearity that is equally important. It’s flat. There’s no burst of uncontrolled breakup at 4kHz. This will make it easy to mate with a compression driver.

Fig 2 – Toneburst Energy Storage

Fig 2 shows stored energy (light blue slices) from 600Hz onwards. What this is saying is that from -20dB downwards, the cone is still vibrating. 

1st Impressions

As with all new woofers, I’m listening to the 10FE200-4 in it’s raw form, no equalization, no crossover. The woofer will have a chance if don’t run away.

When I heard the first track, I was grinning ear to ear. All my anxieties evaporated. This is my kind of woofer. The music is lively. By that, I mean the attack. It’s fast. Vocals are crystal clear. There are no shrieks with female voices. Neither is there any boominess in male voices. There are no signs of honking throughout. As for the bass, it’s dynamic and tight in the upper bass. It even does lower treble.

I cannot find anything I dislike with this 10″ woofer. It’s perfect out of the box. I am so impressed by it that I can just use the woofer alone for vocal use like in lectures or announcements in events. There’s no need for a compression driver unless it needs to double up for music.

Unless otherwise stated, all measurements were made with the mic at 36 ins, on axis. Impulse Window=5ms. No smoothing applied.