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Amplifiers & Mixers

These are some of the amplifiers and mixers that I had time to look into. I documented them for my own personal records. Otherwise, I’ll forget what I did. I’m sharing these information so that others may have a better understanding of what audio electronics is all about.

Please do not contact me regarding how to repair your amplifiers. I do not offer repair services nor do I have the time to teach anyone.

AB International Precedent 400 Retrofit with Hx200mk2 mosfet amplifier kit
Crown XLS-202 Blown power transistors
Crown XLS-402 Fault finding
Crown XLS Amplifier Fans Fan Modification for 1st generation of XLS power amplifiers
Hartke model 3500 Rebuild power amplifier module with Toshiba 2SC5200/2SA1943 power transistors
Peavey PV-1200 Blown power transistors
Peavey Unity Series 1000 Mixer No Master Output
Peavey XR-700 Powered Mixer Review
SAE 3100 Faulty capacitors
Soundcraft GigRac 600 Technical Review
Soundcraftsmen PCR800 Technical Review of PCR (Phase Control Regulation)
My Audio Lab The Hardware