Thruster THW835 Audition

Thruster THW835
24 Liters Ported Box

This is the first time I’m listening to the Thruster THW835. I decided to load it into a 24 liters bass reflex  for a lower bass. My F3 is now 51Hz. This is achieved with a port of 2″ in diameter and a length of 2.20″ (Fig 1).

Fig 1 – Thruster THW835 Box Simulation

With the Thruster mounted, I proceeded to do a sweep. Fig 2 is the RAW response. No smoothing applied.

Fig 2 – Thruster THW835 RAW Frequency Response • Baffle Width=13-1/2

I am relieved that the Thruster behaves very well. Midrange is flat, which is a good sign. The woofer starts to breakup at about 1.2kHz. Beyond that, it’s starts to roll-off. The great part is there are no nasty peaks during cone breakup like in some metal cone woofers.

As for the bass, it extends down to 50Hz as predicted in the simulation (Fig 1). Generally, bass is 5dB below the midrange. This is quite normal for a speaker in Full Space.

Auditioning the Thruster

In this audition, I will be listening to the Thruster alone, without any crossover. What I’m looking for is the character of the bass. 

First off is Jaime Valle ‘Round Midnight. This is one CD that is excellent for testing bass. In track 3, the bass is clearly heard and is well separated from the guitar.

Up next is Peter Cetera “If you Leave Me Now”. In this track, I’m looking for the bass extension. It is there in the Thruster. The first note, followed by a short extension, then an abrupt stop. It feels like you are being sucked in and then it stops.

Santana Supernatural is another good album for bass. The attack and clarity of the bass is revealed in Maria Maria (track 7). The attack is fast with no hanging after the bass.

Lastly, believe it or not, Toxic by Britney Spears. I can actually pick up the texture in the bass.

In Summary

I am truly impressed with this 8″ Thruster. At only $19.88, it is a fantastic bargain. Bass quality is excellent. I’ve got 8″ woofers that cost $50 and this Thruster blows them away. Without a doubt, it will shine in bass duty in a 3-way. That will be my next step, a 3-way with the Thruster. I just need to decide on the mid and high to use.

Unless otherwise stated, all measurements were made in Full Space (4 pi) with the mic at 36 ins, tweeter axis. Impulse Window=5ms. No smoothing applied.