Dayton MB820-8 8″ Pro Woofer Thiele/Small

Dayton MB820-8

The Dayton MB820-8 is the 8″ version of the 10″ MB1025. The Rated Power Handling is 200W RMS. Sensitivity (SPL) is a healthy 94dB (2.83V/1m). The magnet itself weighs a hefty 40oz.

This midwoofer is optimized for voice reinforcement. It can be used as a 2-way satellite for strictly vocal announcements. For music like in a live band, a bass bin is necessary.

Manufacturer’s Specs
MB820-8 Thiele & Small Parameters (DATS)Fig 1 – MB820-8 DATS measurement

I love it when my DATS measurements are close to the published specs. It indicates good quality control in manufacturing.

Sealed Box=20 liters | F3=101Hz | Q=0.66Fig 2 – Sealed Box Simulation

The MB820-8 can be mounted into a compact 20 liters Sealed box. F3 is at 101Hz, which is ideal for voice use.

Ported Box=25 liters | F3=55Hz | Q=0.63Fig 3 – Box Simulation for Bass Reflex

For a lower F3 of 55Hz, a 25 liters bass reflex tuned to 60Hz is possible (Fig 3). This is suitable for a general purpose 2-way. However, bear in mind that the Xmax is only 4mm. Therefore, do not boost the bass with EQ too much.