Dayton PC83-8 3″ Full-Range Driver Thiele/Small

Dayton PC83-8 Thiele/Small

This Dayton PC83-8 is another Full-Range driver that I’m considering for the Evolve clone. At $12.98 each, she cost slightly more than the HiVi C3N-III ($9.49 each). According to her specs, she’s supposed to be better. Her cone is made of woven glass fiber and she is blessed with a copper cap on the pole piece. This is reputed to improve the high frequency response.

Manufacturer’s Specs
Dayton PC83-8 Thiele & Small Parameters (DATS)

My DATS measurements are close to¬† Dayton’s. My Qts is 0.73 whereas Dayton’s is at 0.63. I expect my Qts to be closer to Dayton’s once my PC83-8 is well broken-in.

Sealed Box=2 liters | F3=97Hz | Q=0.938

I simulated the PC83-8 in a 2 liters sealed box and found the peak at 170Hz to be much lower than the HiVi C3N-III. Closed box Q (Qtc) is still a bit high at 0.938 but I don’t anticipate any issues. Once I cross the column at 200Hz~300Hz, the high Qtc won’t make any difference.

Ported Box=6 liters | Fb=55Hz | Q=0.80

If I decide to use the PC83-8 in a bass reflex, a 6 liters box tuned for 55Hz will lower the F3 to 47Hz. This would be fine for soft background music.