Lm60mk2 by Trevor Allen

Mosfet Power Amplifier Kit

Aug 21, 2023

Hi Michael,

I finally got the boards into a case. I picked up a used Sony amp and gutted it to make room. It took a bit more work than I was expecting as the power supply needed more room so I had to flip the heatsink, move it slightly and reinforce the area under the transformer.

I listen to it for 12+ hours a day and never get tired of it. I liked my tube amp but I do like using about 15% of the electricity that it used and I also like having the power available to crank it when I want to. The amp sounds really good, it effortlessly fills the room.

I have a BassEQ preamp that I’m finishing putting in a case and I will include a 12v trigger out on it to turn on an outlet strip with the amp and DAC plugged into it. I think that will be my setup for quite a few years. I can’t imagine what a comparable retail amp would cost.

Trevor Allen