Bi120 by David Shoubridge

200W RMS Power Amplifier Kit

Mar 21, 2023

Hello Michael,

I hope all is good with you!
Sorry It has been a long time since we spoke, we have all been through so much!

I wanted to let you know that I have stumbled across getting my hifi properly sorted and sounding the way I always dreamt of, the Bi120 – dual mono amp mounted in a single enclosure (currently used with these Mission 753 speakers – freedom version from late 90’s) and arcam IR II dac sounds fantastic.

I use Spotify for all listening now – blue tooth from my IPhone, I played with the equaliser – see above setting and I am soo pleased with the sound – have had many many hours of listening now for several years😊.

The system is extremely transparent, bass is weighty and accurate – no sub needed here, vocals project out with amazing reality. It’s also soo quiet but strong if you know what I mean?
What a system – for very reasonable money.

Now I’m thinking of re-working my bi240 and trying it in place of the bi120.
I hope you find this if interest.

Best regards,
David Shoubridge